We provide Mini Micro Fue (MMF) Method, a natural hair line, maximum density, strategic placing, end of temporal angle and unnoticeable hair transplantation with maximum FUE.
Golden Touch Maximum FUE – Mini Micro Fue
Golden Touch hair transplantation uses MMF designs along with artistic perfection and “Maximum FUE” advanced donor hair extraction technique in order to reach high level performance. Large amounts of hair roots (4000+) can be extracted kindly in a single day. Avoiding major surgical devices shortens recovery duration and lessens pain to minimum.
Up-to-date Techniques
Hair transplantation procedures advanced slowly throughout years in both hair extraction and plantation. Golden Touch Aesthetics aims to provide patients with the latest technological advancements and develop them.
Mini Micro FUE method is a new revolutionary hair transplantation method that involves both extraction and plantation procedures. The number of people who request this new technology if increasing everyday and a new era is beginning about hair transplantation procedures.
Extraction Method
FUT extraction method requires removing a large piece of tissue from the donor area (usually from one ear to the other). This necessity leaves a long line of scar on the patient and prevents patient from preferring short hair styles. This situation results from lack of elasticity after FUT procedure. Additionally, FUT hair root extraction method prolongs recovery process and makes patient feel uncomfortably unnecessarily.
Golden Touch Aesthetics accomplished developing Mini Micro FUE method. Golden Touch Aesthetics allows extraction of each hair strands with the guidance of a microscope without using bistouries or surgical knives. Extraction of hair roots one by one with a microscopic device allows the skin to recover faster and naturally. Patients become free in hair styles, recover and get back to routine faster.
Transfer Method
After extraction of hair roots, hair strands are planted into the areas of hair loss. Typical sites of hair loss are hair line, front and/or top. In order to achieve success, these factors should be cared: forming a hair line, examining temporal angle and placing this site, density, plantation angle, angle variety and designing natural hair grouping. Many clinics use old methods that result in unnatural hair line, noticeable hair transplantation due to hair density.
Golden Touch Aesthetics doubles naturally growing hair design with its unique MMF procedure. Along with our Maximum FUE hair extraction method, we are more in control about picking proper donor hair with which we can design dense and natural hair lines that connect to other hairs on the top and sites and placing them. Results – renewal of self-confidence, hair you can finally be proud of.