Pre-diagnosis & Consultation By sending a photograph online, the first consultation takes place. According to your trip plan, 20-40 minutes long, face-to-face consultation takes place on the first day of arrival or on the day of the operation. Then, the operation method is decided, hair transplant map is organized and other procedures are planned accordingly. Blood tests take place before the operation.
Preparation before the Operation
Pre-operation procedures include haircut, re-testing of blood levels, moving the patient to a sterile environment. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be stopped at least 3 days before the operation. Using of aspirin and other similar drugs must be stopped at least 1 week before the operation. Please consult your doctor about your regularly used drugs.
Since you will not be able to take a shower for 3 days after the operation, we advise you to take a shower before your operation. If your operation is scheduled for the morning, eat some breakfast or if it is planned for the evening, eat a light meal. The operation takes place for 7-9 hours under local anesthesia. During the operation, 2 brakes are given for food intake or other personal necessities. You do not need an accompanying person during the operation. Hair transplant is successfully completed in line with the decided hair map and transplantation method decided during pre-diagnosis and consultation.
Post Operation & Care
On the next day, the first post operation care is carried out by professionals at the hospital. We provide you your post operation shampoo and any necessary drugs. The care including removing of any dressing and first hair wash is very important and it should be carried out by professionals only. 2 days after the operation, you can continue the hair washing procedure yourself.
Back to Routine
To prevent any swelling on your head and neck area, you can return back to your work life on the 5th day after the operation. At that point, you may redness on the skin of your head, and your hair will be very short. After 10 days of care, any redness or scabs will disappear.
Hair transplantation operation should be done cautiously and carefully, paying the attention that it deserves. When hair transplantation is not done properly, unwanted results may appear. You do not get a natural look after improper hair transplantation and this affects your look negatively. Hair transplantation should be done without any mistakes, or it may cause bad results. There will be spaces in the hair, hair strands accumulate in an area and give an unpleasant frizzy look. Transplanting the hair roots in improper angles is a wrong application, hair grows straight and an unnatural look will appear. Another note of importance is that extraction of hair roots should be done cautiously. Hair should be extracted and transplanted without damaging the roots. If hair roots get damaged, that area will not grow hair and this is an unwanted condition. Existing hair may also fall off, and this is a non-reversible condition. Another bad result of improper hair transplantation is scar formation after incision and wounds in the area of extraction and transplantation. Scar formation develops after Fut hair transplantation method; this is because hair roots are extracted and transplanted in a group. However, fue method does not leave a scar. When transplantation is done properly, a better look can be obtained that will make patients happy.
Extraction Method
FUT extraction method requires removing a large piece of tissue from the donor area (usually from one ear to the other). This necessity leaves a long line of scar on the patient and prevents patient from preferring short hair styles. This situation results from lack of elasticity after FUT procedure. Additionally, FUT hair root extraction method prolongs recovery process and makes patient feel uncomfortably unnecessarily. International Hair Trans accomplished developing Mini Micro FUE method. International Hair Trans allows extraction of each hair strands with the guidance of a microscope without using bistouries or surgical knives. Extraction of hair roots one by one with a microscopic device allows the skin to recover faster and naturally. Patients become free in hair styles, recover and get back to routine faster.
Transfer Method
After extraction of hair roots, hair strands are planted into the areas of hair loss. Typical sites of hair loss are hair line, front and/or top. In order to achieve success, these factors should be cared: forming a hair line, examining temporal angle and placing this site, density, plantation angle, angle variety and designing natural hair grouping. Many clinics use old methods that result in unnatural hair line, noticeable hair transplantation due to hair density. Golden Touch Hair Trans doubles naturally growing hair design with its unique MMF procedure. Along with our Maximum FUE hair extraction method, we are more in control about picking proper donor hair with which we can design dense and natural hair lines that connect to other hairs on the top and sites and placing them Results – renewal of self-confidence, hair you can finally be proud of.