Filling Materials
There is an apparent difference between a person’s own fat tissue used as a filling material and other materials on sale in the market. - The implementation period of the ready-made fillers is short. They can be easily applied in an outpatient room. The patient can return to work almost daily. However, these materials do not last for long. Nearly all ready-made fillings melt between 6-18 months. It must be renewed by additional doses. Allergic reactions due to foreign substance can occur. - Fat injection is done under general anesthesia in the operating room. Process takes a longer time compared to filling with ready-made fillers. However, the permenancy rate is 85-90%. There is no risk of allergic reaction because the person’s own fat tissue is used. - In addition, fat injection is not just a simple filling. The collected fat cells include stem cells which help renewal and rejuvenation the the area they injected to. While the fat injections are filling in lines and helping in the removing of skin marks, they also make the skin shinier.
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