Yes, modern techniques for hair transplantation guarantee the results to be natural. Natural result means that transplanted hair cannot be noticed by others. The results will be natural if hair is transplanted one by one, densely and equally. The procedure should be done expertly for getting natural results.
Hair transplantation operations do not take long. After the decision and interview phase of the procedure, operation is evaluated thoroughly. Hair transplantation procedure is done in approximately 7-9 hours in the same day. The duration may change due to graft number to be planted and handwork. It depends on the area of transplantation too, but hair transplantation is not a very long operation after all. Using Fue method, hair transplantation can be done more easily, practically and painlessly. Patients who will undergo hair transplantation should start preparation a week ago. Blood thinners and vitamins should not be used while on the preparation. Smoking is prohibited for 48 hours before the operation. Hair dye should not be used and alcohol consumption is also prohibited. Hair gels and sprays should not be used before the operation and hair should be clean. If hair loss is in the first three stages, transplantation procedure is completed in one session. However, if hair loss is in the last three stages, more sessions may be required.
Hair transplantation operation should be done cautiously and carefully, paying the attention that it deserves. When hair transplantation is not done properly, unwanted results may appear. You do not get a natural look after improper hair transplantation and this affects your look negatively. Hair transplantation should be done without any mistakes, or it may cause bad results. There will be spaces in the hair, hair strands accumulate in an area and give an unpleasant frizzy look. Transplanting the hair roots in improper angles is a wrong application, hair grows straight and an unnatural look will appear. Another note of importance is that extraction of hair roots should be done cautiously. Hair should be extracted and transplanted without damaging the roots. If hair roots get damaged, that area will not grow hair and this is an unwanted condition. Existing hair may also fall off, and this is a non-reversible condition. Another bad result of improper hair transplantation is scar formation after incision and wounds in the area of extraction and transplantation. Scar formation develops after Fut hair transplantation method; this is because hair roots are extracted and transplanted in a group. However, fue method does not leave a scar. When transplantation is done properly, a better look can be obtained that will make patients happy.